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The Adult Ministry exists to draw us together as faithful followers of Christ in our lives, our homes, our jobs, our community, and our church. We strive to be continually growing in our relationship with Christ through prayer, studying His word, fellowship and service.

Our Discipleship Pathway

Join one or more of our Adult Groups for fellowship and learning. If you're new to Immanuel Baptist Church, you can make new to friends. If you aren't new, this is a great chance to strengthen relationships and get to know people you may not know very well. Either way, we'll grow together as we get to know Christ better.
At IBC we provide those who attend with a clear pathway that they can follow in order to intentionally grow in their relationship with Christ.
We want you to be involved in 4 specific areas of our church:
We want you to come to know God more in a weekly worship service as Pastor Shawn teaches the Bible.
We want you to find community in a weekly Life Group as you navigate life with others, guided by God’s Word.
We want God’s Word to take root in you and spread to others as you make disciples in a yearly Covenant Group of 3-4 couples or 6-8 individuals.
We want you to join God’s work to change the world through missions, evangelism, and volunteering.
Where are you on The Discipleship Pathway? It’s time to take your next step!


Get Connected


Life Groups

Adult Life Groups offer friendships, support, Biblical wisdom, ministry, and love. You will be challenged and encouraged to take the lessons learned here and apply them in your life throughout the week. Our desire is for every adult to find his/her place in a Sunday morning Life Group class at 9:45 a.m.! Our Sunday morning Life Groups are categorized according to your life stages or ages. Check out our classes by clicking on the tabs below.

We have two goals for our life groups:

  1. Connect people to Jesus through the Study of God’s Word.
  2. Connect people to each other through meaningful relationships.

Covenant Groups

We are Growing True Disciples of Christ! Through Covenant Groups, believers are engaged in relationships of accountability, transparency, and trust. They are rooted in God’s Word, devoted to community, and living with purpose. Also, believers are committed to imitating Christ by creating more disciples.
A Covenant Group is a small Group of adults who meet weekly in homes across Marshall, TX. They have a meal together, study the Bible together, pray for each other, and stay connected throughout the week. This is a discipleship process groups go through together which lasts 12-18 months.
“Before we started our group I thought this was just going to be something else on our busy schedule. I have now come to the point where I can’t imagine not having this group in my life. This is vital to my life."

-Covenant Group Member
Email Jeremy for more information.

Life Group Classes

  • 4's – PreK
    -Teacher: Peggy Anderson
    -Location: Room 108
  • Kindergarten
    -Teacher: Sheila Ratcliff
    -Location: Room 206
  • 1st Grade
    -Teacher: Eva Jumper
    -Location: Room 207
  • 2nd Grade
    -Teacher: Jan Knox
    -Location: Room 208
  • 3rd Grade
    -Teacher: Tina Patterson
    -Location: Room 209
  • 4th Grade
    -Teacher: Terry Daly
    -Location: Room 210
  • 5th – 6th Grade
    -Teacher: Michael and Erin Woodfin
    -Location: Room 211

*All youth classes meet at The Grange campus.

  • -Jr. High Boys
    -Teacher: Noah Batts
  • -Jr. High Girls
    -Teacher: Jessica Ford and Alyssa Reynolds
  • 9th-10th Grade Boys
    -Teacher: George Craig and Preston Paul
  • -9th-10th Grade Girls
    -Teacher: Megan Price and Carrie Keeling
  • 11th-12th Grade Boys
    -Teacher: Jason Skinner and Steven Buckner
  • 11th-12th Grade Girls
    -Teacher: Carla Dooley and Kayla Golden

*All youth classes meet at The Grange campus.

Young Adults Group

  • Teacher: Jeremy Greer
  • Location: The Grange Campus Chapel
  • Age Range: 18-mid 20s
  • Description: We are a group of students and young adults from various walks of life who are passionately pursuing God’s Word and learning how to apply it to our lives.

Teacher: Jeremy Roberts
Location: Fellowship Hall
Age Range: 20s – 50s
Description: We are a group of adults who come together for Life Transformation. We have a passion for God’s Word, and a heart for serving and leading together.

Teacher: Mark Sartain
Location: Room 203
Age Range: 30s-50s
Description: Our class provides a great environment for all groups of adults to grow together while growing closer to Christ.

Teacher: Anthony Henderson
Location: Room 202
Age Range: 30s – 50s
Description: Our class is a dynamic group of couples and singles who are devoted to getting people excited about the Word!

Teacher: Dave Simmons
Location: The Chapel
Age Range: 20s – 60+
Description: We are a group of adults of all ages that have a passion for studying God’s Word while growing closer together and ministering to other’s needs.
Teacher: Kyle James
Location: Room 206
Age Range: 50+
Description: Our class serves to help Christian adults in their Empty Nester years grow in Christ by continuing to develop a relationship with Him.

Teacher: Jerry Williams
Location: Room 200
Age Range: 50s – 60s
Description: Our emphasis is on sound Bible teaching, prayer and warm fellowship that provides a solid, mature foundation in our walk with Christ.

Teacher: Steve Ratcliff
Location: Room 204
Age Range: 60+
Description: We have an excited class of people who are passionate about going deeper with God. We love God and we love people.

Teacher: Mike Stewart
Location: Choir Room
Age Range: 60+
Description: We are a fellowship of praying Believers who love the Lord and care deeply for each other.

Teacher: Sarah Calvert
Location: Room 103
Age Range: 50s – 60+
Description: Our class is a group of ladies who love to connect with each other through Bible Study.

Teacher: Patrica Harber
Location: Room 101
Age Range: 60+
Description: Our class provides a warm, welcoming environment for senior adult ladies to grow in Christ and friendships.

Teacher: Carmen Delgado
Location: Room 102
Age Range: Various
Description: Reaching the growing community of Spanish speaking people in order to bring them closer to Christ.

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