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Visit Immanuel Baptist Church in Marshall, TX! IBC is focused on family and fellowship. In addition to our regular services, we have group activities for people of all walks of life, as well as plenty of chances to reach out and serve—in the local community or beyond!

From the moment you walk up to the building, you can expect a heartfelt greeting from one of our Greeter members.

We have special parking reserved just for you in both the front and the side parking areas! Look for the Guest Parking Signs close to the main entrances. We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early to allow yourself time to park and get a seat, if you so desire.

At our main Atrium Entrance, you’ll find Welcome Center and Greeters. Please introduce yourself as a first time guest and our friendly volunteers will direct you to our Worship Service or Life Group classes.

If you would like us to contact you with more information prior to your visit, simply fill out and send the form below.


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Our Church Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call (903) 938-8275 and explain to our receptionist what area of ministry you have a question for. She will connect you with the appropriate staff member. You can also complete an information request form below.


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Church Services

Early Worship at 9:45 am
Late Worship at 11:00 am
Early Life Group at 8:30am
Late Life Group at 9:45 am

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Immanuel Baptist Church
2408 W. Pinecrest Dr
Marshall, TX 75670
Phone: (903) 938-8275

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